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she's addicted to nicotine patches
she's afraid of the light in the dark
Typically, I will not add you unless know you.

Hey guys I pretty much only use tumblr for posting now and only use LJ for communities.

Hey, you. You know who you are.

Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Especially if its about someone who used to be your best friend. You don't see me saying shit about the person who used to be MY best friend. There's no reason to.

So grow up. Start acting mature instead of just saying you are.

Current Mood: irritated irritated

Just FYI everybody, I've been posting recent art and stuff over on blogspot, at :3 So if you've ever wanted to keep up with me art/comic wise, take a look over there!

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  • 00:38 RT @daily_finance First U.S. marijuana cafe opens for business in Portland -- DailyFinance #
  • 09:32 You may decide at the last minute that you want to change your... More for Virgo #
  • 13:43 really now #
  • 21:04 makin a bomber hat :3 #
  • 22:11 coffee maker has stopped working ;______________; #
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  • 00:50 gonna finish up sewing this wing then beeeeed #
  • 01:10 sleepsleepsleep #
  • 09:14 You may be facing a situation today that makes you wonder abou... More for Virgo #
  • 10:32 I get my sewing table today! Winnnn #
  • 18:27 time to organize my sewing area lol #
  • 21:26 zapdos hoodie should be done except for the hood detail sooooon :D #
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  • 09:17 I am far to awake for 9am saturday morning. #
  • 10:46 It's all about communication today, but sticking with detached... More for Virgo #
  • 13:42 @s0nified fffff yeah I need some of those shoes in my life immediately. The $150 open-toed booties? YES PLS. #
  • 15:53 @s0nified IDK my ex-roomate was pretty hardcore into that series. #
  • 15:53 new patterns get! #
  • 18:33 tonight is a power-sewing and crafting night. Gonna get caught up on commissions and maybe make myself a sewing apron #
  • 23:21 Listed my Adiane kimono on Coscom's marketplace! Spread the word plz!! #
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  • 01:20 @Hakuji kinda a sekrit right now, at least until I get some progress underway. Its just in planning right now :] #
  • 01:20 @Hakuji not-very-good hint: It will involve red circle lenses and HUEG fake lashes #
  • 08:18 Class, and excited that Michie's in town <3 We're getting lunch on my break before CRM #
  • 09:30 Clarity is beginning to return, but it still may be too soon f... More for Virgo #
  • 13:17 @OshiHidra oshiiiiit water on da moooon? #
  • 14:16 cleaning for pureromance party tonight :B #
  • 14:17 @HezaChandotcom yayyyy! Here's to your continued Etsy success :3 #
  • 18:11 @fierymermaid you can always teleport #
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  • 09:48 You could hit a speed bump on the road of life today and altho... More for Virgo #
  • 12:14 about to head to macy's for computer training... fml #
  • 12:16 oh yeah, forgot to mention that computer training is 8 hours long. fmlllllllllllll #
  • 18:51 fuckfuckfuck headache :[ #
  • 23:25 lol wig shopping for a&g costume #
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  • 14:12 You may be on edge today, yet you cannot pin your free-floatin... More for Virgo #
  • 14:46 Drinkin on a skool trip lol #
  • 23:01 @HezaChandotcom ;~; brb hugging my ratties #
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  • 08:24 @Hakuji I've realized its one of those things that's going to take some time to changein the minds of others(and some wont believe it at all #
  • 12:33 @neilhimself happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy! #
  • 12:59 new makeup, new sunglasses, training tonight at macy's :) #
  • 17:04 I'm not used to feeling this happy #
  • 18:41 You are relieved and rejuvenated by the Moon's return to your ... More for Virgo #
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  • 14:25 crochetcrochetcrochet #
  • 17:56 just got back from workin outtt. time to crochet and study for religion in culture test #
  • 19:19 @Hakuji *hug* #
  • 20:09 dear 4chan person who has been repeatedly "calling me out". Sry, I don't post without my trip :B #
  • 20:10 shower time #
  • 21:38 @Hakuji some faggos keep calling out random anon with "hey argento" and I have a feeling they're trying to make it seem like i'm... #
  • 21:39 @Hakuji ...still trying to start shit with certain people I couldn't care less about :/ Idk mannnngggg #
  • 21:41 @Yamplifier it took me a bit to get a hang of it, I found that a large-guage yarn helps with learning to make sure everything looks right #
  • 22:07 its only 10pm and it feels like 2am... ughhhhhhhhhh #
  • 22:07 orderin me sum latex tomorrow #
  • 22:08 You might be busier than you prefer today as you try to keep a... More for Virgo #
  • 22:26 @Hakuji I mean in general I've been trying to keep a low profile since sept but it doesnt seem to be working too well. #
  • 23:07 @Hakuji lol yeah funny how things work out that way. I haven't *personally* had any drama since then, despite what people may say XD #
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  • 20:25 I taught myself to crochet today :D Am now making a hat #
  • 22:28 @HezaChandotcom I learned how to knit first but thusfar havent been able to do much more than scarves. I wanna learn amigurumi :3 #
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  • 09:24 about to leave for work. :) Its going to be a good day. #
  • 13:58 got off early. cooking a healthy lunch, then off to wrap meesh in duct tape #
  • 15:37 @_4ng31 @s0nified FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS #
  • 23:45 OHHH OHHH OHHH! UC!!! #
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  • 13:52 signed up for thedailyplate :) #
  • 14:08 gonna attempt to start & stick with the 30 day shred. maybe for once it'll keep my attention #
  • 14:29 heading to work, hopefully these workout vids will be done when I'm back #
  • 20:44 You don't want to burden your friends, but you might benefit f... More for Virgo #
  • 21:25 I love getting off work early. Time to work on cozprays :B #
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  • 14:16 home from class/working out. now to go get critter food then shower and go to work #
  • 14:19 @_4ng31 I'll give you 5 dorra fo deadmaufive #
  • 16:58 getting ready for work #
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  • 01:16 RIP Claude Levi-Strauss #
  • 11:02 Your attempts to be objective are not very successful today be... More for Virgo #
  • 13:02 @Miyabi_sama that's almost exactly like Cinci, only in Cinci the fashion is to wear leggings as pants with Uggs #
  • 13:03 time to get ready for my other 2 classes of the day, and work. So busy, at least I can take a break from making costumes for now. #
  • 14:12 @Miyabi_sama at least they wear shorts. Girls down here don't even bother with that. #
  • 18:23 @Miyabi_sama yeahhh I really don't want to see that. What's worse is when they're so fat to the point where their opaque leggins go seethru #
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  • 08:42 Stop relying on others for your happiness. You're pathetic. #
  • 11:12 On the surface everything seems to be going along quite normal... More for Virgo #
  • 16:30 omgshoes #
  • 17:30 fucking furious at whoever's been saying this shit. #
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  • 15:09 A on my CRM midterm!!! #
  • 00:00 @Eurobeat_kasumi U RUIN OUR FUN :<<<< #
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  • 18:54 Feeling so at peace w everything right now #

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